Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Michael Donovan-time !

Michael Donovan is one of the most demanded photographers in New York. He takes his inspiration by going to gallerys as from contemporary art and architecture.
Even though he photographs not far too long,he already is so busy that he can only go  through top agencies in NY for his projects. We are not wondering about his fast payoff; his pictures are as inimitable  as magnetic – the beholder sticks to his works , begins to raise questions and  recognizes the beauty of the moment. This is art.
And not only his work  inspires, Michael Donovan himself is an enigma, because while he tries to stay anonymous, he answers every question and mail, comforts young people to stay themselfes and not to learn photography as a handcraft, instead he suggest reading “Creativity” by OSHO.

To see more of his work :
all images copyright © 2010 Michael Donovan

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